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Note cards, Christmas cards, greeting cards, fridge magnets, rubber stamps, mouse pads, gifts and gift wrap,  figurines, bookmarks, pillows, calendars, coasters and collectibles!
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Hugging Terrier Birthday Card
Would a hug help you feel better!

Inside:  I'm sending you a warm fuzzy one with hopes that you feel better soon.

DES31242      $2.95 each
Dog Lovers Anniversary Card
Dog Lovers Anniversary Card

Front:  "Hush up!  You'll wake the dog!"

Inside:  Happy Anniversary, my pet.

PIC32013      $2.95 each
Dog E-Collar Get Well Card
Inside:   . . . but you will get through this.  Hang in there and feel better soon!
LT59510    $2.79 each
Posing Dogs Birthday Card

Inside:  Don't just sit there, have a wonderful birthday

DES12912     $3.50 each
Dogs Birthday Card
Sewing Terrier Birthday Card
Inside:  You're a year older?
Seams Impossible!

DES08     $2.95 each
Terrier Get Well Card

Inside:  You'd be amazed at how much immediate attention you get.
Feel Better Soon

DES31253     $3.50 each
Stretching Terrier Birthday Card
Front:  As we get older it's important to do some stretching exercises every day.

Inside:  Although, claiming to be 29 again is probably enough of a stretch.
Happy Birthday

DES12484     $2.95 each
Mischievous Puppy Friendship Card 

Blame it on separation anxiety

Inside:   I miss you!

RS1901      $2.59 each
Dog Friendship Card
Excuse me for poking my nose is
Inside:  . . .but is there anything I can do to help?

MH11013     $2.50 each
Advice from a Dog Birthday Card
"Advice from a Dog" Birthday Card


Be loyal
Delight in the simple joys of a long walk
Unleash your talents
Hide your favorite snack
Make new friends
Learn new ticks, no matter your age
Always run to greet your loved ones!

Paws to celebrate!
Happy Birthday

LT60283     $2.99 each
Pet Sitter Thank You Card
Inside: Thanks for the Royal Treatment!
AV01527     $2.75
Pup with Blue Ribbon Fold-Out Birthday Card
Front:  Happy Birthday!
Inside:  Let it Rip!

PK2099     $2.75 each

Dog Thank You Card
Inside: Deep Thanks!
AV01264     $2.75
Birthday Dog Birthday Card
Inside:  Happy Birthday!

PK0163     $2.59 each

"From the Dog"
High Five Congratulations Card
From the dog!
Inside greeting: 
congrats  waay 2 go!

DGSPK1020     $2.99

Inside greeting
Get Well Specialist Card 

Get Well Soon

Inside:   Sending a specialist to keep your spirits high

MH14354      $1.95 each
Dog Friendship Card
Inside: You make me smile
PP7210     $2.59 each
Dog Birthday Card
Inside:  Shades can't disguise your animal magnetism.
Hoping your birthday finds you surrounded by admirers
MH13282    $2.59 each

Cute Pup Birthday Card
Inside: I'd follow you anywhere!
Happy Birthday

AV01550   $2.75 each
Peke Mix Birthday Card

Front:  I'm all ears.

Inside:  Did somebody say party?!   Happy Birthday

RS2451      $2.75 each